Vanilla Dreams

As often seems to happen when I’m taking pictures of a location or outfit, the Single Frame Story prompt emerges from the maze of my mind.  Who knows if this week’s prompt Vanilla played a part in the look or location I chose for my last post, or if taking those pictures reminded me of this week’s challenge, but the two merged so perfectly the reason seemed irrelevant.  I would do both.

My first thought when I read the word Vanilla last week was to do a fetish shot.  I’m sure that’s hardly a surprise to those that know me best.  Then I started to think about the flavour of vanilla; the places we expect it, and particularly the ones we don’t.

Tears for example; they are salty, but what if they were a myriad of ice cream flavours?  Would we cry more? Would country fair stalls sell shot glass sized tear drinks for a dollar?  Would trendy cafes have bottles on the wall and which flavour add in would I chose for my coffee?  Joy?  Disappointment?  Grief?  Would I be tempted to lick the tears off your cheek to see if your flavour was different than mine?

That train of thought was coming dangerously close to the tunnels in my brain where I don’t normally let you guys ride, so I pulled the switch and went down a different track.

Vanilla Dreams

Next time I dream, I’m going to take a moment to taste the rain.

You can see the variety of creations Vanilla inspired in others at this week’s Single Frame Story challenge.

I’m quite certain no one will think of Vanilla as boring ever again.

I know the song I’ve chosen for this post is predictable, but sometimes if it works, it works.


Dress: “reynolds.june” NEW from coldLogic
Pears: “stacked pearls necklace rose” from lassitude & ennui FREE at Free*Style Shop
Skin: “Amberly – Artic – Candy 03 BL” available at Collabor88 from Glam Affair
Hair: “Hollana w/Roots – Barbie from Truth
Shoes: “Ivory Cygnette” from Schadenfreude
Eyes: “Ellis-Lavender” from [LeLutka]
Poses: part of the Vogue-ish set by POISE available soon at Pose Fair
Location Nostos Deer

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