My 100th Post: Stories of Flight Found

When I opened up WordPress today to start writing, I realized this was my 100th post.  I can’t even believe that, it sure doesn’t feel like a hundred.  I suppose I should do something special to mark the occasion but this snuck up on me and I have nothing planned.   The reason I bring it up though, is to thank all of you who have supported me through this process.  For all of you who have been here since the beginning, you too have reached the 100th post milestone.  Sometimes I think you deserve more credit for reading them than I do for having written them.  For my newer friends, who knows, maybe we’ll reach post 200 together but in the mean time it’s wonderful having you along for the ride.

Today I’m combining two entries I did for the Single Frame Stories challenges. Do you remember me talking about them before?  Each week, we are given a word or a phrase and have to come up with an image and tell a story.  I love these challenges; they inspire me to stretch myself while not limiting me in any way.  Any medium will do, processed or not, it doesn’t even have to make sense to anyone but the creator.  I haven’t contributed to many, but I know checking in to read other’s entries is the highlight of my blog reading week.

This week’s prompt was “Flight” and we have full freedom to interpret however we like.  This is what I came up with.

Fight or Flight?

Last week the prompt was “Found”.  I hadn’t intended to participate, I only knew the prompt because it’s given at the start of each week’s collection.  I was actually trying to get myself out of that holiday break funk and was hoping exploring and taking landscape pictures might do the trick.  I went to the Alchemy Immortalis sims and came across this sheep.  Tell me that isn’t a story waiting to be told?

Henry's Calling

Sadly, the day after I found Henry and taking that picture I learned that 4 of the sims were for sale. 

I’m really hoping the next owner takes advantage of the option to keep some of the landscaping because it’s a really special place.  If somehow it were possible to have a physically relaxing sensation from being an avatar in a virtual world, this would be where it could happen.  If the sims aren’t gone already, they will be soon, so I encourage you to visit as soon as you can.  If you are in the market for a sim, this might be the deal you are looking for.


Outfit:  “Jill” Severed Garden
Hair:  “Koko Christmas Brown” Alice Project Advent Calendar Gift
Skin:  “LightSkin*J1*BT”  an old ZombiePopcorn hunt gift from JeSyLiLO
Eyes: “Ellis-Lavender”   LeLutka
Tin Woodman DisplayModel from DollCoco is part of the Wizard of Oz Gift
Location Alchemy Immortalis

DollCoco’s Dorothy and the Magic of Oz

Remember the feeling of opening a new notebook, journal or daytimer at the start of a new year?  All the clean crisp pages, those little promises you make to yourself about having neater handwriting and most importantly using it more often?  Blogs are a lot like that, to me anyway, and I wanted to make all kinds of these promises to myself about the year to come but so far I haven’t done a single one!  Oh well, it made me smile to think of those traditions and know I’ve transferred them to my virtual life, so I guess it was worth it.  Maybe it’s the process of setting goals or resolutions that is more important than actually accomplishing them? I think I’ll just keep telling myself that.

The other night I saw an offline in my email that Coco/DollCoco had a new gift in store.  A mesh full avatar of Dorothy and a set of display decorations of the other characters from Wizard of Oz.  You can see the whole set on the blog here.

I absolutely love the DollCoco mesh avatars,  do you remember when I blogged them before?    They remind me of the work of my favorite artist, Angelina Wrona; doll like, awkwardly beautiful and just that wee bit creepy.  I mean that in the nicest possible way, trust me, this notice not only got my butt logged into SL, but out exploring, taking pictures, and even blogging.  How’s that for inspiration.

Hairs On The Back Of Your Neck

Are you tired of me talking about the hand serendipity plays in my life?  I feel like I mention it in every post, in fact one of my promises was to cut back on that, but… as I said, I haven’t kept one of those promises yet.  As I’m hanging out at my place in my Dorothy avatar I read about the Magic of Oz sim on SLU.  I’d seen a few blog posts about it before, Inara Pey’s comes to mind now, but somehow I’d forgotten until that moment.  Dorothy gift?  Oz Sim?  I’d probably get struck by lightning if I didn’t go over and take pictures.

There was a tilted girl

I could have skipped along the yellow brick road, licked lollipops in Munchkinland, or explored the Emerald city and learned more about the breedable Strangelings  which are for sale at the Magic of Oz but I was drawn to something a bit darker, the Witches house.

This Isn't Kansas Toto

I’m honestly not a dark or creepy person in real life, no really, I’m not despite multiple posts of headless dolls and skeletons and zombies.  I just seem to get inspired by doing the darker type of pictures.  Maybe it’s for contrast.  Surreal lighting with a slightly awkward looking Dorothy lost in an eerie land of Oz, or overly chatty soccer mom?  The choice seems easy there.  It’s my second life so why not enjoy being every possible thing I can be, even occasionally dark.

Full “Dorothy” Mesh Avatar including Toto a remarkably generous gift from Coco/DollCoco
Poses Advent Calendar Gifts from Exposeur
Location Magic of Oz